About Us

At TurboChargers.ie as our name says, we specialize in turbo units for all makes and models. If you’re looking for high-quality turbocharger for your car or van with affordable price tag you’ve come to the right place - we stock an extensive range of most popular new and remanufactured units that offer the performance you expect at a price that’s hard to beat - with the same components used by world’s leading turbo suppliers, including Garrett, IHI, Borg Warner, Holset, KKK and Mitsubishi.

In TurboChargers.ie we run our business from own premises since 2008, we heavily invest in top of the range equipment to make sure we do all works and repairs with up to date technologies.

Fully remanufactured turbos from TurboChargers.ie come with one year warranty for added peace of mind - and our prices start from just €300 so it’s easy to see how affordable we are when compared to main dealers.

All turbos are supplied on exchange policy-we have to get your broken turbo back, no exceptions.

Vehicle Collection and Delivery:

Your car can be collected and delivered by our recovery agent in the event that the carcannot be driven directly to the garage. Once your vehicle arrives on site all details are logged in with our service manager.

Replacement Car:

If you need to stay on the road all the time, we can give you a replacement car for just 10 euro/day subject to your insurance policy; one of our office staff will explain all details to you at the time.

Repair Estimate:

One of our technicians will accurately investigate the problem on your vehicle using special tools and computer diagnostics. They will then contact you to give a full explanation of the repairs being carried out, and of course answer any questions that you may have regarding your vehicle.